Product Management

My background as a PM

I have been passionately building tech products in Istanbul and in Paris for the past 8 years. I've worked at many different startups: seed stage & mature, local & international, marketplace, e-commerce and media. I've been described by my managers and colleagues as quick to gain trust, unafraid to ask questions and determined to aim for the moon.

As an engineer & analyst, I speak the languages of all teams across the company (tech, design, marketing, finance, operation) and am focused on business growth. As an empath & mindfulness teacher, I build products by finding a deep empathy with users and trust between teammates. As a maker & creative, I thrive when working with constraints. My personality type is Mediator (INFP) and my top 5 Clifton Strengths are Belief, Relator, Ideation, Significance, Command.

Some of my most defining projects were expanding products to Russian & Arabic speaking markets, launching a full suite online grocery in 4 months, creating B2B lines within B2C companies, product segmentation, gamification and empowerment of tech teams.

You can find more details about my previous experiences at Rocket, Yemeksepeti, Jukela, Tazedirekt and BlaBlaCar here.

How I can help you

Regardless of your position (founder, C level, Head of Product, member of the product & tech team) and the size of your startup (seed stage, medium or mature), I'm happy to work with you on moving your product forward. Some topics I can help you with are:


  • Clarify & communicate company & product vision internally & externally
  • Turn your backlog of projects into a long term product strategy


  • Find the right fit between product, market, channel and business model
  • Find & reinforce positive feedback loops in your product for continuous growth & retention
  • Go to market fast with new products
  • Launch existing products in new markets
  • Speed up the idea > research > design funnel with design sprints
  • Train your team on critical user research habits


  • Find the right organizational structure for your product teams
  • Find & employ the right profiles for open positions
  • Increase employee satisfaction & retention in your product teams

How we can work together

I am happy to offer you a free 1 hour consultation session to identify how we can work together. Depending on your needs and my availability, we can agree on a per hour fee, or scope & price a project.  Get in touch to find out more.