How To Have A Restful Day

Signs that you had a restful day:

  • You found yourself sitting at a table somewhere with a cup of coffee. There’s good music playing.
  • It’s 3 pm and you’re not sure what you did all day.
  • When you woke up, you told yourself that you didn’t need to accomplish anything that day.
  • You took a nap.
  • You wandered around.
  • You saw a cat.
  • You called a best friend to chat.
  • You called another best friend.
  • You might call two more.
  • Your breakfast took 2 hours.
  • It’s possible that all you did today was to eat breakfast and eat lunch.
  • When you see your to-do list, you say “Not today.
  • You looked deeply at some beautiful palm trees.
  • No cafe seemed worthy of sitting down.
  • You stood next to the water, on the beach, looking at the seagulls who were standing next to the water, on the beach, looking at the ocean.
  • You’re wearing high-waist skinny jeans, a basic white t-shirt, and white sneakers.
  • You treated yourself to a light make up.
  • You feel tired because you finally allowed yourself to relax, and all the fatigue rushed in.
  • When your friend asked you on the phone if something was going on with you, you finally had the space to say “Yes, there is.” and to talk about it.
  • You looked at your hands, really looked at your hands, for the first time in a long while. You really like this ring you wear every day without noticing you wear it every day.

Signs that you had a busy, trance-like, stressful day:

  • You calculate the number of minutes you have in between calls and if that’s enough time to finish _____.
  • You only had __ minutes for lunch.
  • You realized that you forgot to respond to that important email.
  • You are spent and it’s only 6 pm.
  • You told your best friend that you can’t call her until 10:30 pm.
  • You had to choose between journaling, meditating and exercise. You are glad you were able to “get done” at least one of them.
  • You go from goal to goal, from task to task. Some of your tasks are to set goals.
  • You spent a good chunk of the day worrying about lack of alignment and miscommunication.
  • You have this deep deep sense that you didn’t work enough today. You certainly could have worked more.
  • You wondered a few times if you are a good fit for _______.
  • Your back, shoulder or leg is hurting from sitting too much.
  • You were late to at least one call.
  • You don’t remember your larger core purpose.
  • You’re not thinking straight.
  • You’re not processing new information as fast as you normally do.
  • Your hands seem to have a life of their own.
  • You typed the wrong email address, again.
  • You could do 20 minutes of yoga right now to alleviate back pain but you could also do one more slide on that deck.
  • You don’t know anything personal about this human even though you have a meeting with them every week.
  • You have 6 back to back meetings in one afternoon.
  • You saw yourself in the mirror, in passing. You didn’t like what you saw. She seemed ugly, tired and distant.
  • You remembered that you still haven’t responded to that important email.
  • You count the days of the week as they go by. Only 3 more days until Sunday, which is your only non-work day.
As I stood next to the water, on the beach, looking at the seagulls who were standing next to the water, on the beach, looking at the ocean.

Reflection Questions

  1. What are some signs that you had a restful day? How does a restful day feel, look, move?
  2. What are some signs that you had a busy, trance-like, “there isn’t enough time” type of day”? How does a busy day feel, look, move?