Hi, I'm Zeynep!

I grew up with the saying “Pick one thing and be the best at it,” but I was never able to pick one thing. I was always interested in many different things. My first passion was dancing, then in chronological order, I became an engineer, a product manager in technology startups, and more recently a mindfulness teacher, a writer and a social entrepreneur. I am on a path of integrating my seemingly contradictory parts, aligning my work with a bigger purpose, adding more heart, meaning and ease to my life.

I am convinced that the lack of everyday wellness is the most important problem of our day, and the root cause of many other global problems. Nurturing people to find more everyday wellness has become the impetus behind all my creative work. You can read more on why I believe this, how I approach it, and what my day to day work looks like here in my manifesto.

I also still do product management on a freelance and part-time basis.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here! I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions. Feel free to contact me at hi@zeynepesin.com.

All the best,