Welcoming 2020 with Gratitude, Kindness, Mindfulness & Inspiration

Date & Location

If you would like to end 2019 with gratitude and kindness, and start 2019 with mindfulness and inspiration, join us on Saturday December 7th 12pm-5pm at 7 Rue Saint-Anne 75001 Paris!

Workshop Outline

(20 min) Welcome & introductions.

(60 min) Ending 2019 with gratitude & kindness.  A 20 minute meditation on gratitude, followed by a writing exercise, where we give thanks for the joyful moments of the year and work on welcoming difficult experiences we may have had with kindness.

(10 min) Break

(60 min) What we desire and what our hearts really long for. Brief talk on the captivity of desire, followed by a 10 minute meditation on the heart's deepest longings, and journaling.

(10 min) Break

(120 min) What inspires you for 2020? Cutting words and pictures from old magazines and assembling them onto an inspiration board for 2020 that will keep reminding you your heart’s longings and inspire you into action throughout the year.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

  • This workshop is 60€ for early registration (last day to register early is November 25th 2019) and 75€ for normal registration (last day to register is December 6th 2019).
  • To make wellness accessible to all, there is a sliding scale, meaning you can pay what you can afford to pay. Please see the registration form.
  • This fee includes 5 hours of workshop in a central & beautiful space, all materials used, audio recordings of meditations from the workshop, and drinks & snacks.
  • Your ticket is fully refundable until 1 week before the workshop, December 1st 2019.
  • If you come with a friend or with the reference of a previous student, you get 10% off. Please indicate their name in the registration form.  

Who Can Come

  • This workshop is taught in a multicultural and non-sectarian way and is open to everyone from all walks of life and all identities of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, physical ability, mental ability.
  • No previous experience required. If you are new to mindfulness, this fun and eclectic atmosphere of writing, creating with your hands and meeting others can be a good first introduction to it.
  • A sufficient level of English is needed as the course will be taught in English.  

What To Bring

  • All materials (boards, papers, magazines, scissors, glue, pens, markers) will be provided, along with tea, coffee, snacks and music! 😊
  • Your water bottle and your journal if you have one.

Space is limited to 11 people to keep the group cozy -- book your ticket now to reserve your spot!

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About The Teacher

Hi, I'm Zeynep! I've been practicing mindfulness for the past 8 years and teaching it for the past year to individuals and businesses in Paris and online. I am a trainee of world-renowned teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and will complete my 2 year certification program in February 2021.

Mindfulness has been the most helpful wellness practice for me over the years. It has decreased my stress, increased my resilience, deepened my awareness and compassion for myself and others. I feel lucky to be a mindfulness teacher and am very excited to share this amazing gift with you!

Being born and raised in Istanbul, and having lived in St. Louis, US for 4 years and in Paris for 3 years, I consider myself a blend of Turkish, American and French cultures. I speak Turkish, English and (an improving) French. My gender pronouns are she/her/hers. I care deeply about multiculturalism and I make it a big part of all my classes and communities.

My teaching approach is:

  • Focusing on real-world applications of mindfulness
  • Focusing on direct experience of concepts
  • Sharing and learning from others in small groups
  • Moving from scientific evidence
  • Bringing teachings to life with literature and stories
  • Making wellness accessible to all by asking participants to pay what they can afford to pay
  • Creating safe learning environments with mindful & multicultural communication guidelines

Read more about me here, and read my manifesto on everyday wellness.

Reviews From Last Year's Workshop

"This workshop helped me reflect a lot on the previous year and what is most important to me. Creating an inspiration board for the new year was great to set myself objectives and looking at it during the year helped me make sure I stayed true to my dreams, objectives, and inspiration."
"This is a fun way to express my deepest wishes for the upcoming year. The creative exercise of cutting out images in magazines helps you overcome the barrier of structuring your words around what you want and gives you full freedom to just follow the butterfly in your belly :) Even though these images might look very random at first, once you start building your board you can see the story you want to tell. Once you discover that story, it just feels like a relief. It makes me feel excited for the upcoming year. I put this board in my bedroom, so I will always remind myself what I really want."

Photos from last year's workshop

Space is limited to 11 people to keep the group cozy -- book your ticket now to reserve your spot!

Book your ticket now