Mudita Mindfulness Community

Our Intentions

Mudita is a secular and nonsectarian mindfulness community open to everyone! Our name comes from the word mudita in Pali, which means sympathetic joy -- the joy we feel for the good fortune and happiness of others. This is exactly what we do - we come together once a week to learn and practice mindfulness, and to rejoice in each other's progress.🤗

Our intentions are:
1. learn & practice mindfulness together,
2. share and learn from each other,
3. support each other in our continued mindfulness practices.

Who Can Join

  • Mudita is a multicultural and non-sectarian community, open to everyone from all walks of life and all identities of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, physical ability and mental ability. Multicultural & Mindful Dialogue Guidelines are taught and reminded at every meeting.
  • No prior mindfulness experience is needed. I work with newcomers to guide them and answer their questions during meetings.
  • A sufficient level of English is needed as the meetings are held in English.

Meeting Format

Our meetings usually alternate between long meditations and learning new practices. A typical meeting might look like:

  • Arrival & grounding meditation (10 min)
  • Check in on how practice has been going (15 min)
  • Short teaching (20 min)
  • Meditation, practice of concepts, sharing (30 min)
  • Check out (10 min)

Mudita Meeting in January

  • Wednesday Jan 22st 19:30 - Community Meeting - 7 Rue de Louvois 75002 Paris - RSVP for door codes
  • Wednesday Jan 29th 19:30 - Community Meeting - 7 Rue de Louvois 75002 Paris - RSVP for door codes

Meeting Times, Locations & Fees

  • Weekly meetings are in central Paris (usually 7 Rue de Louvois 75002 Paris) and on live video call on Wednesday evenings 19:30 - 21:00.
  • You can come to any of our meetings at any time.
  • First meeting is free to give you a chance to meet us! Then, fees are 15€ for Paris or 12€ for online participation.
  • Room address, door codes and call links will be shared after you RSVP.

Please RSVP to join one of our meetings.

RSVP as guest

Become A Member

  • Monthly membership has a sliding scale:
    a supporting price for those who can and want to support the community and financial aid receivers,
    a sustaining price for those who can and want to sustain the community,
    an aid price if you cannot afford the sustaining price.
  • By paying what you can you are contributing your unique gifts to our community and helping others be there; thank you so much for this!
Paris Membership Fees Online Membership Fees
Supporting 60€/month 45€/month
Sustaining 40€/month 30€/month
Aid What you can afford What you can afford
  • First month of membership is 50% discounted, to allow you to test and discover our community!
  • Membership gives you:
    * 4-5 community meetings in a month,
    * additional monthly meetings (affinity groups, book club meetings),
    * email and chat groups to stay in touch with the community,
    * a 20% discount on mindfulness courses I offer,
    * priority on the mindfulness retreats we organize for the community,
    * support on your mindfulness practice should you need or want it.
  • Membership can be cancelled any time.

Please register to become a member of our community.

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Guest Teachers

Our community occasionally welcomes guest teachers.

On Wednesday Aug 14th, our community welcomed Sasha Nelson as a guest teacher! Sasha is a fellow mindfulness teacher from our mindfulness teacher training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Aside from being a mindfulness teacher, she is a vinyasa yoga teacher, a wellness consultant and writer, a dancer, and a food and sustainability enthusiast. She will talk to us about sustainability of mind, body & planet -- how to integrate simple yet profound mindfulness practices into every day life. Her talk will be followed by a meditation practice led by her. Our meeting, as always, will open with a check-in on how your practice has been going. 😊

For more information, join one of our meetings or contact me!