Mindfulness With Zeynep

Introduction To Mindfulness Courses

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Why I practice and teach mindfulness

Mindfulness has been the most valuable tool in my wellness toolbox over the years. Through my mindfulness practice, I've learned more about my reactivity, my emotional ups and downs. I've learned that there is always a story I tell myself about what is going on and then, there is really what is going on. I've learned that once I accepted the reality of what is here and now, I could respond differently. Mindfulness has made me more present, more anchored in the current moment, and less in the past, the future, or in my never-ending to do list.

Through mindfulness, I've also learned the fundamentals of compassion. I've learned and am still learning to love myself with all my shortcomings, and to not take anyone out of my heart. I've understood that there are no bad humans, only humans suffering, and so we can choose to constantly forgive each other.

As a teacher, I now have the privilege of witnessing how others benefit from these basic understandings and practices of mindfulness, how they open their hearts, and find fuller, more present, joyful lives.

My background & training

I have been practicing mindfulness for the past 8 years, and I continue deepening my practice every day with daily practice, retreats and the study of central books on mindfulness. I am in a teacher training with world-renowned teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to receive my Mindfulness Teacher Certification in 2021.

My teaching approach

  • Harnessing the power of community by learning and practicing in small groups
  • Focusing on real-world applications of mindfulness by showing daily life as a great mindfulness practice
  • Moving from scientific evidence and opening the heart with literature
  • Making wellness accessible to all by ensuring financial aid and multicultural communication guidelines


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1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions allow a deeper practice of mindfulness focusing on your specific challenges. Sessions are typically 90 minutes and 50€. They are discounted if you've previously been to my courses. Contact me to learn more.

Daily information and inspiration

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