Introduction to Mindfulness: A 6 Week Course in Paris

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of being aware of what is here and now in a loving, accepting, welcoming way, rather than being somewhere else like we often are - in the future, in the past, in our to do list, in our pain or in our stories. Like any sports or music practice, mindfulness is a skill we can learn and it strengthens over time as we keep practicing.

Hundreds of studies show mindfulness decreases symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, pain; improves sleep, focus, memory; decreases the use of abusive substances and more. All the brilliant health impacts aside, mindfulness makes us more present, resilient and joyful; it helps us get to know ourselves, and it transforms our relationships.

Why This Course?

  • This 6 week course will give you the fundamental concepts of mindfulness with a heavy focus on practice.
  • Small class sizes (8-15 people) will allow you to share and learn from other people's experiences, as well as practice mindful communication.
  • The course will set you up for a continuous home practice beyond the course, and to show you how to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

Course Structure

  • Weekly classes (2 hours long) in central Paris
  • 5 - 20 min per day formal home practice between classes
  • Informal practices to bring mindfulness into daily life
  • Audio recordings of meditations to support your home practice
  • Handouts with key concepts
  • Optional reading material
  • Silent retreat at the end of the course (3 hours long)
  • Email, text or call support throughout the course

What You Will Learn

  • Week 1 What is mindfulness?
    What is compassion?
    Anchoring on the present moment
  • Week 2 Resourcing for inner strength
    Mindfulness of feeling tones
    Mindfulness of the body
  • Week 3 Mindfulness of emotions
    Standing meditation
    Lovingkindness meditation
  • Week 4 Mindfulness of thoughts
    Walking meditation
    Compassionate breathing
  • Week 5 Recognize-Allow-Investigate-Nurture (RAIN)
    Eating meditation
    Gratitude meditation
  • Week 6 Deepening your practice
    Coherence breathing
    Practicing beyond the course
  • 3 Hour Silent Retreat Extended sitting and walking meditations to deepen your practice

Who Can Join?

Everyone is welcome! No previous experience required. A sufficient level of English is needed as the course will be taught in English.  

Class Dates and Locations

  • The course will take place for 6 weeks between July 16 - August 20.
  • Classes will be on Tuesday evenings 19:30 - 21:30 at 14 Rue Chauveau Lagarde 75008 Paris (Line 8, 9).
  • The 3 hour silent retreat will be held on Sunday August 25th 10:00-13:00.
  • Class dates are July 16, July 23, July 30, Aug 6, Aug 13, Aug 20.

Fees and Payment

  • Currently the course is at 249€ for a total of 12 hours of teaching + 3 hours silent retreat + 9 hours of recorded meditations + handouts and reading material. This is a 50€ discount from the regular price of 299€.
  • If you are in financial difficulty or can't afford to pay this price, you are welcome to apply for financial aid and pay what you can afford to pay. Please indicate your need in the registration form, and keep in mind that those who can afford more are making the opportunity possible for those who can afford less.
  • Payment will be collected online at the time of registration.

Cancellation & Discounts

  • You can cancel for free until the end of the first week and get a full refund. This is to allow you to test mindfulness by coming to the first class, and also to recognize life conditions may change (sickness, moving etc.).
  • For every friend you bring to the course, you get a 20€ discount to use towards this course or another course in the future. Your friend gets a 20€ discount too!

Registration is now closed. Please get on the waiting list to be notified when new classes open.

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About the teacher

Hi, I'm Zeynep! I've been practicing mindfulness for the past 8 years and teaching it for the past year to individuals and businesses in Paris. I am also the founder and organizer of the Paris Mindfulness Community.

Mindfulness has been the most helpful wellness practice for me over the years. It has decreased my stress, increased my resilience, deepened my awareness and compassion for myself and others. I feel lucky to be a mindfulness teacher and am very excited to share this amazing gift with you!

Being born and raised in Istanbul, having lived in the US for 4 years and now in Paris for 3 years, I consider myself a blend of Turkish, American and French cultures. I care deeply about diversity and I make multicultural communication a big part of all my classes and communities.

Find out more about me here and here.

Student Reviews

So perfect as an introduction course, it opened my mind to new concepts and ways of seeing life.. I loved the spontaneity, humbleness, good energy during sessions.. I left classes so light, peaceful and grateful. Thank you because I could pay what I could afford to pay and like that I was able to join the course.. Love your recordings, your handouts, and all good energy you put into this course. I hope I can continue practicing what you taught even if 5 minutes a day. - Gabriela
I valued most the community, the joint learning, the feeling of intimacy and space while discovering new things about myself, the progress we've made without really feeling the pressure, the lovely and patient teacher, the practice classes, and the location. I salute your courage to help some "lost" souls finding their ways to a happier every day life! I feel blessed having you as my mindfulness teacher, and can't wait to practice with you again. - Julie
During the meditation course with Zeynep, I learned to break free from my own negative perceptions and self-evaluation which had me in state of paralysis and despair. As a result, I found myself opening up communication channels, finding clarity and understanding the power of compassion and feel more capable of forging my own pathways. - Verena
The course was wonderful, I just wished it would have lasted longer! This course succeeded my expectations (the clear and detailed handouts, the recordings, the practice sessions, the 3 hours retreat, and Zeynep's warmth). - Maria
It is very well organized course. The structure of the group and guidelines were so helpful. - Seren


Are classes recorded?
No, to respect the privacy of students in the course, classes are not recorded.

What happens if I have to miss a class?
It's understandable if you need to miss a class or two due to other commitments. In this case, I will work with you individually to catch you up. You will also have the readings, handouts and meditation recordings to help you cover what you missed.

Why is there financial aid? How does it work?
Wellness is often not financially accessible. Especially when we go through difficult times and we need wellness more, we may be able to attain it even less. This becomes a vicious cycle. Plus, new wellness practices such as mindfulness are still not compensated by insurance companies. With a strong value of equality, and an effort to make these courses accessible to everyone from all walks of life, I offer financial aid to those in need. When you name the amount you can pay in the registration form, I kindly ask that you consider the amount you can pay (as opposed to the amount you want to pay), keeping in mind the effort and costs that go into offering this course, as well as others who may have needs. By paying what you can pay, you are helping others be there.

Thank You!

Feel free to contact me about any questions and hesitations.  Thank you for your interest and hoping to meet you soon!

With love,