Hi, I'm Zeynep!


I grew up with the saying “Pick one thing and be the best at it,” but I was never able to pick one thing. I was always interested in many different things. My first passion was dancing, then in chronological order, I became an engineer, a product manager in technology startups, a writer, and a mindfulness teacher.

A year ago, I left my full-time job as a product manager to be self-employed and do all these things that I love doing on my own terms. I am on a path of integrating and aligning myself, adding more heart, meaning and ease to my life, without shutting off any of my "seemingly contradictory" parts.

I am a maker, following my curiosities, and understanding what this really means for me. But what I already know is this: The lack of everyday wellness is the most important problem of our day. And the core purpose beneath all that I do, the impetus behind all my work, the driving force behind all that I create is a desire to nurture people to find more everyday wellness.

Today, I nurture people in these ways:

  1. I teach mindfulness.
  2. I blog about my journey from employee to self-employed, from not finding meaning in my work to finding meaning.
  3. I write stories, essays and poems.
  4. I send a biweekly newsletter.
  5. I produce a podcast called Watch What Happens (more on this later).

I'm excited to be on this path!

I hope you will enjoy what you find here and drop me a line as I would love to hear from you.

All the best,